Arteco Recommends Tiny Green PC Computers for CCTV!

Sep 21, 2015

We demonstrate why our tiny, tough PCs are ideal for the security sector - Intense PC2 i3 and i5 demonstrate proven performance and ruggedness over time and temperature, running Arteco video surveillance software with up to 60 cameras.

Tiny Green PC and Arteco have together established a proven computing platform for Arteco’s NEXT Video Event Management Software (VEMS) security suite.

Arteco & Intense PC2

The chosen embedded computers, our Intense PC2 i3 and i5 models, have been shown to support the full software analytics capabilities of NEXT at maximum frame rates and with large arrays of networked cameras. Arteco is now recommending IntensePC2 i3 and i5 to customers implementing advanced video surveillance systems.

In tests performed under strict conditions in Arteco’s in-house laboratory, Intense PC2 i3 successfully managed 45 ONVIF-compatible cameras, while the i5 model handled 60 cameras. Both performed with 100-percent long-term reliability across a wide temperature range, at 25 fps and full HD resolution in live-view/recording mode, and 8 fps at CIF resolution for motion detection.

This collaboration between Tiny Green PC and Arteco now opens up new opportunities for network video recording (NVR) systems integrators to deliver solutions that are customised, versatile and extremely flexible.

“Intense PC2 packs high computing performance in a miniaturised fanless enclosure with low power consumption, creating the ideal host for our integrated security systems for industrial environments, offices, shopping centres or domestic applications,” said Marco Malavolti, Marketing Manager, Arteco. “Moreover, the extreme ruggedness and wide ambient operating temperature range up to 70°C allow us to recommend Intense PC2 for use in harsh environments.”

Underlining IntensePC2’s ability to support state-of-the-art software and manage feeds from large numbers of cameras, which is a key NVR performance metric, Viru Patel, Sales Manager of Tiny Green PC added, “We are ready to work with customers to help ensure optimum performance from the combination of our computing platforms and Arteco’s NEXT VEMS.”